South Africa’s largest interoperable payments switch runs off TANGO:  a transaction processing system for acquiring, routing, switching, authenticating and authorising transactions across multiple channels including ATM and POS.

Performance, availability and scalability

Enabling the integration of the back and middle office into one pipeline for BankservAfrica’s clients; current solutions running off the TANGO platform include ATM, POS, debit card, credit card authorisation (CCA), real-time clearing (RTC), authenticated early debit card (AEDO) and account verification system (AVS) real-time.

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is the first African partner, outside of South Africa, to implement an in-country national payment switch using TANGO. They will be utilising the TANGO platform to run ATM (single message service), credit card (dual message service), dual message clearing and settlement (DMCS) and settlement.

BankservAfrica is a certified reseller of TANGO.

Case studies
How it works

Convergence of payments

Agnostic switch to process different transactions, multiple interchange levels and agreements
Functionality to process non-card transactions e.g. real-time credits

Driving down costs

Time saved through ability to test specific areas leads to rapid implementation
System stability and consistent uptime lead to lower connectivity and messaging costs
Ability to process all volumes leads to economies-of-scale

Flexibility of modular design

A system can be configured with only required functional components
Can be scaled to meet the evolving needs of new markets and clients
Meets unique local industry requirements
Adds value to payments e.g. device driving

Simplicity of deployment

Central messaging routing capability
Platforms appropriate to each market or country can be released
Technology focus on configuration rather than hard coding

Risk mitigation

BankservAfrica has a 42 year history in South Africa and is trusted by the payments sector
Configurability vs. hard coding i.e. fewer new lines of coding to test, therefore less risk in the market

Enhanced MIS and analytics

Analysing data sets can enable competitive differentiation for clients

Support for back-end operations

Simplifying back-end processes

Modern state of the art technological capabilities

TANGO integrates easily with other networks and systems
Industry standard language used e.g. C++ and XML
Operating system and database are independent
Multi-channel, multi-institution,  multi-language. multi-currency
Complete transaction security support (EMV, 3DES)
Real-time monitoring services for operational and technical support
Industry-standard online protocols: ISO 8583, XML, etc.
Modular SOA (service orientated architecture) system design